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Special Adoptions

Why Special Adoptions?


The Special Adoptions Program is designed to facilitate the placement of dogs with manageable problem behaviors. In this program, special attention is given to find suitable adopters and special counseling is given to the adopters to that they may safely integrate the dog into the new home. This special counseling will also maximize the likelihood of the dog having a long-lasting relationship with the adopter. In general, the Special Adoptions Program has five components:

  • IDENTIFYING problem behaviors through intake questionnaires, observation of behavior in the shelter, the Match-Up II Behavior Evaluation.
  • MODIFYING problem behaviors through enrichment and training programs to give the dog the best chance of success in the home.
  • FINDING the right adopters who are able to handle the specific problem behaviors of the dog.
  • COUNSELING the adopters, paying particular attention to management of problem behaviors in the new home.
  • FOLLOWING-UP with the adopters to ensure that the dog and his new family have the right fit.

How Do You Get Started?


What is the Protocol?


Who Should Conduct Special Adoption Appointments?


How Successful is this Program?