Featured Dog Shelter: Lake County Office of Animal Services

Caring for animals that are in need is a responsibility for all communities. In Lake County, Florida, the local county-owned animal shelter, called Lake County Office of Animal Services, ensures that all animals are properly cared for when they arrive. 
Types of Animals 
In general, the Lake County Office of Animal Services will mainly care for dogs and cats that are found stray or are considered to be at risk. However, they can also care for a variety of other animals including rabbits, horses, birds, and even reptiles.  
Care Provided  
Similar to in other animals shelters, most animals that come in are either at risk or are strays. Due to this, the animal shelter focuses on providing top care to the pets that come in. This includes providing it with a full veterinary evaluation and making sure it is safe to be adopted. This helps to ensure the pet is a good match for any family.  
Location and Contact Information 
The local animal shelter and county office is located at 28123 County Road 561 in Tavares, FL 32778. You can also reach them by calling (352) 343-9688. The animal shelter is open on weekdays from 10am to 6pm and weekends from 11am to 5pm. The office is always closed on Wednesdays and during national holidays. 

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