Featured Dog Shelter: Animal Rescue League Boston

The Animal Rescue League Boston is well-known for responding to animals in need of care. The rescue has over 100 staff members and 700 extremely dedicated volunteers.  
10 Chandler Street 
Boston, MA. 02116 
Telephone :  (617) 426-9170 
Email : boston-adoption@arlboston.org 
The Animal Rescue League Boston is a featured rescue because it does not turn away animals that need to be surrendered. They have a “Save Rate” for animals entering the shelter with a 90.5%, this is a very good turnover rate. The rescue offers dog training and training resources for your pet. Anyone looking to adopt a pet can visit the adoption center and the rescue has a wide variety of breeds, sizes, temperaments and ages.  
If you are looking to volunteer for the Animal Rescue League Boston, they do take donations, hold fundraisers throughout the year, onsite volunteer work and be a foster family to a pet until they find it a good and safe home to live in.  

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