Featured Dog Shelter: San Antonio Pets Alive

San Antonio Pets Alive offers Texas residents a great place to adopt animals that need loving homes. It is also possible to foster an animal until it is older or rehabilitated. You can find newborn kittens that require extra care, but there are also older animals available. With an on-site medical clinic, you can make sure that an animal is healthy.  
An individual can volunteer at this shelter to care for animals, including a snuggling program for dogs and cats. This shelter has saved the lives of over 50,000 cats and dogs that would have been euthanized without the help from the employees or volunteers who are dedicated to finding homes for these animals.  
At San Antonio Pets Alive, there are two unique programs that make it easier to find homes for the animals in the facility. First, it is possible for someone to get to know a pet by taking it home or to other locations for a few hours to determine if the dog or cat is the perfect choice. In addition, this shelter strives to find homes for its animals by taking the cats and dogs to new locations where there are no animal shelters that have adoptable pets. 

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