Featured Dog Shelter: Second Chance

Located Massachusetts, Second Chance is an animal center offering shelter to stray or picked animals, such as dogs, cats and rabbits. This dog shelter also provides adoption and veterinary services, with several fully-equipped veterinary hospitals in East Brookfield, North Brookfield and Springfield, Massachusetts. 

The Second Chance animal services is more than a shelter for dogs and cats. They liaise with the Hampden County Sheriff’s Office Pre-Release Center for the training of the animals before putting them up for adoption. Essentially, the dog shelter strives to live up to its name by giving the animals a second chance. 

Above and Beyond
The Second Chance dog shelter goes beyond providing a temporary shelter for the cats and dogs before the public adopts them. It offers veterinary services for all through its three fully equipped and established veterinary hospitals in Brookfield. These hospitals feature the latest equipment, caring staff and licensed veterinarians. Moreover, the hospitals are open to the public, offering various services which include ultrasound, x-rays, dental care, surgery and examinations. 

Second Chance also offers several other services. They include spaying and neutering programs to help control the population of these animals. In addition, it provides temporary home for abandoned, stray and surrendered animals with the aim of finding permanent suitable homes for them. 

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