About the NCSD

Starting, organizing, and running a dog shelter is an incredibly time-consuming process. Between coordinating veterinary visits, maintaining a visitation schedule, and ensuring a steady stream of incoming dogs, shelter operators have little time and headspace available to improve their establishments. Shelter owners often do the work of several full-time employees, and volunteer work can only provide a small amount of adoption-related help.


What is The National Center for Shelter Dogs?

There are plenty of websites available for questions relating to dog adoption and ownership, but few such resources exist for the people running the shelters. The National Center for Shelter Dogs was created to help shelter owners and operators improve their facilities, strategies, and day-to-day operations. Maybe your adoption rates have hit an all-time low. Maybe you’re considering adopting the “cat café” model. Perhaps you’re simply looking for quick and easy ways to improve the lives of the animals you house. No matter your intention, the Center for Shelter Dogs has the answer you need.

In addition to providing how-to guides for development strategies, we also publish helpful blog posts regarding adoption strategies. Our team of writers has the first-hand experience necessary to speak definitively on topics such as visitation room changes, optional certification, and switching to new adoption techniques.